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This charity premises provides drop in services for homeless young people six days a week, an invaluable service to the city. Although the current facilities are adequate, the spaces themselves are a little austere and could be improved to provide an inspiring environment for young people; spaces they can engage with and take ownership of.

By redefining the spatial layout of the premises, the design has flexibility of activity; thus an easier, more comfortable user experience. The design includes for both social and private spaces, zones for computing or reading, secure storage facilities for both users and staff, updated washing facilities, a kitchen which doubles as a social or meeting space and a better functioning office with adequate storage.

The semi-industrial materials, the use of branding colours and the inclusion of storage space / lockers throughout the proposals creates a facility that the young people can relate to, take ownership of, feel proud of and which can contribute towards their successful future.

Phase two of the build is due to begin on site imminently.