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A new-build three storey residential development taking cues in both form and materiality from its light industrial heritage and surrounding context.

The form, massing and height is designed to respect surrounding dwellings and remains sympathetic to its neighbours.

Materially the design reflects the facade of the existing building, with the use of face brickwork (with two different mortar colours) and small areas of zinc, alongside large format apertures referencing the light-industrial scale of the existing openings and maximising natural light to all rooms.

The single aspect orientation of the habitable rooms as well as the stepping-away of the second floor provides a buffer between the majority of the habitable spaces and the boundary to the south.

There are large communal spaces and outdoor amenity as well as on-site parking. A central vertical core provides common circulation and bins and bikes are accessed externally to ensure ease of access and egress, separated from habitable accommodation.

The project has recently been granted Planning Permission.