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The proposals, for nine new 1,2 and 3 bed apartments and 2 large commercial units required the removal of an unsightly building of no architectural merit on the site and the introduction of a high quality contemporary and sustainable building adding to the wider regeneration improvements along the South Coast Road.

The proposed building is designed as contemporary flat roof form with a parapet surround, clean detailing and raking reveals. The façades are articulated with localised stepping of the footprint, cantilevered areas of the first floor and stepping back of the rear elevation. Changes in material between white painted render and light brickwork give further definition.

Inset balconies with glazed guarding provide relief to the facade as well as offering amenity space to each apartment. The deep reveals are accentuated with flashes of patinated metal cladding.

Large glazed shop fronts, which open up into a corner window on South Coast Road are designed to provide continuity of active frontage.

Planning approval has been granted.