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There are a number of challenges when designing for a backland site which is inward looking, has very little contextual relationship to the surrounding urban grain and being only barely visible from the entry point. The site is currently covered by lawn and a number of mature trees are present both on the site and in neighbouring gardens, many of which have Tree Preservation Orders, giving a verdant and sylvan character.

The proposals aim to retain the character of the site by means of permeability, whilst optimising this disused land for residential development comprised of simple, beautiful and sympathetic buildings bringing together high quality contemporary detailing and traditional materials.

The appearance of the four detached houses has been designed to maintain a modest presence on the site and amongst the surrounding built context. Whilst the proposals are of a contemporary aesthetic, the basic form of a traditional pitched roof and gable end is suited to the surrounding context.

The low pitch of the roofs suggests a subservient building-type suited to the development site, and one which does not compete with the frontage properties on either the road to the south or to the north. The material palette has been developed in pursuance of a modest yet contemporary aesthetic. Ground floor walls are a white / cream multi brick with variation in tone to enhance natural textures. First floor walls are a combination of natural timber battens and natural, patinated zinc cladding. Pitched roofs are natural, patinated zinc cladding, whilst flat roofs are proposed as planted areas.

The scheme is currently awaiting a planning appeal decision.