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The scheme has been designed to complement the surrounding context, whilst standing-out as an example of contemporary architectural design and comfortable & sustainable family living.

The 'shifted' plan of the residential units creates high interest on both the front and rear elevations, breaking up the mass of each unit and displacing sections of built volume. The displacement of built form casts shadow and creates depth along what could otherwise be a relatively flat appearance.

The surrounding context exhibits a wide array of built form and materials, including metal cladding, timber boarding, stone walls, red-brick walls, slate roofing tiles and red-clay roofing tiles.

The design of this scheme draws inspiration from these local materials, aiming to combine them with contemporary form and detailing.

Black-zinc roofs mimic the tone of traditional slate roofing tiles whilst providing a more easily maintained surface. A combination of red and light buff coloured brick masonry walls, with flashes of dark brick, reference the surrounding stone and brick cottages or agricultural buildings, and combined with natural, open-jointed timber to soften the palette and encourage a rural aesthetic on the site.

The scheme is awaiting a planning appeal decision.