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A small enjoyable interior fit out project in Sussex. We undertook the measured survey just before the COVID-19 lockdown. The developing concept proposals were shared with all of the office ( everyone is home working) at various stages of the design development, criticised and improved upon before ‘presenting’ the proposals to the client via a recently popularised online video conferencing facility. The ability to share documents on this platform was straightforward and perhaps allowed for a more focused presentation and discussion than a face-to-face meeting.

The proposals consist of completely gutting the existing salons interior back to the original structural walls, floor and ceilings and providing an improved layout of 12 cutting stations (doubling the number of existing cutting stations), 3 backwash facilities, 2 hair colouring mixing stations, 2 nail technician booths, fully accessible entrance and toilet facilities, reception and client seating areas together with improved staff facilities.

The key to achieving the brief was twofold; to provide a linear faceted mid-level wall that weaves through the length of the main space allowing cutting stations on both sides and the creation of a faux ‘shop front’ by the use of a mirrored wall to one side of the longitudinal space, where clients can sit, read and enjoy a cup of coffee between treatments. Cloud shaped down-stand ceilings fitted with low energy (and low heat emittance) LED strip lighting define spaces and provide a shadow free working environment.

The existing salon relied upon opening of the front door for naturally cooling and ventilating the space ineffectively. With the insertion of openable roof lights, natural cross ventilation, cooling and natural lighting can now be achieved. Photovoltaic and solar panels provide electricity, hot water and underfloor heating reducing ongoing energy costs.

The proposals are now being costed and technical design will continue. The fit-out works are scheduled for the Christmas shutdown 20-21.