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The proposals set out to provide a contextually appropriate response to the site; combining a sensitive architectural approach with modern living spaces, a contemporary and high standard of detailing and landscape design that complement the beautiful setting of Shoreham beach.

The concept is derived from an interest in creating a journey through a coastal landscape, and how such a landscape could be manipulated to create a home. The concept also takes influence from the contrast between solidity and mass in the ground-plane and lightweight, airy timber interventions so often found in coastal environments.

A raised ground-plane is inhabited with such spaces that require a secure, solid, shaded environment, whilst simultaneously lifting the site surface to a level which enjoys panoramic views of the coastal setting.

Spaces which require high levels of light and air, and a relationship with the external environment, are arranged as a journey through and over the raised ground-plane and employ a lightweight construction typology.

Construction commenced on site early 2020 and was completed early 2022, 6 months later than anticipated due to the COVID pandemic. Once the soft landscaping has matured for a year, our architectural photographer will be taking contextual images externally and internally the occupied family home, until then a few images taken on our phone towards the end of completion….watch this space.