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Located within the countryside, these proposals consist of the demolition of a collection of farm buildings and the creation of a small development of family homes.

Following a positive pre-app response to the principal of development, the pitched roof forms, simple materiality and detailing draw inspiration from traditional agricultural buildings. The landscaping proposals have been kept to a minimum, with everyday paraphernalia associated with habitation ‘designed out’ so as to allow the openness of the surrounding countryside to flow into and through the site. There are no fences forming boundaries between dwellings, simple ‘estate fencing’ and strategically planted trees provide separation and prevent overlooking. The ‘barn-like’ houses are clustered to the north of the site, allowing main living areas views out and down the gardens to the south and below tree canopies on the western boundary to the countryside beyond.

The open nature of the landscape proposals has allowed us to introduce ground source heat pumps with horizontal ground loops (heat exchange pipes buried in the landscape) to provide heating and hot water. With other key renewable energy strategies, airtight and heavily insulated construction methods, carbon emissions will be substantially reduced.