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The conversion of unused storage and archive areas of Mithras House to form three new high tech computer teaching rooms for the Business School, was successfully completed in 2015 and has provided an additional 3 classrooms (one as a replica trading floor) for the business school.

The brief from the school was to not only provide additional teaching spaces, but also to consider circulation issues, lack of daylighting and wayfinding as well as the absence of identity, brand and front of house. With a limited budget and timeframe for completion, the works were carried out over a summer recess.

The ensuing design concept harnessed a ticker tape moniker, representing a continuous paper ribbon on which a tape machine automatically prints current stock quotations - a reference to the historic trading floor and subsequently the replica trading room, as well as a digital dot font representing the dot matrix type patterns of the ticker tape used on doors, pelmets and as manifestation on the glazing.

Graphics and colourways appear in the walls lined with brick slips and borrowed light now appears to the previously dark and unlit central corridor through the installation of glazed acoustic screens to classrooms on both sides of the widened central space. A light-wall appears in each of the new classrooms with LED backlit glazed panels.

The impact of the work has been such a success that the school have subsequently extended the concept, colourways and wayfinding brand to other parts of the building.