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Set on the south side of a road that runs parallel to a popular Sussex beach and nature reserve, planning permission has been granted (within the eight-week determination deadline) for a three-storey replacement dwelling.

To take advantage of the spectacular views of the Channel and wind farm to the south, sunsets to the west and the South Downs to the north, living accommodation is set at first floor, with a spacious enveloped south facing terrace (providing protection from solar overheating and prevailing westerly winds) and external stair providing access to the garden, pool and beach. At second floor the master bedroom suite has uninterrupted panoramic views of the horizon line (where sea meets sky) and a protected southeast facing terrace to enjoy the sunrise.

The slightly wider than most plot has allowed all six bedrooms to have beach facing views and garaging for the family’s electric vehicles and three visitor spaces nestled within the natural beach inspired landscaping.

This ‘Passivhaus’ inspired home features recycled wood pallet and cementitious insulated hollow blockwork external walls (filled with cement free concreate), cement free raft foundation slab, grey and rainwater recycling, high levels of air tightness, solar shading, internal thermal mass, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, air sourced heat pump and photovoltaic roof panels.

Through an early competitive interview process with building contractors, an award-winning local company has been appointed before technical design development commences, so that they can join the consultants and client and become part of the design team, developing and regularly updating a cost plan and project programme throughout the design process. In this often harsh coastal environment, early collaboration on design detailing significantly improves quality and drives down construction defects. Construction will be completed in June 2024.